Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind to bring to surface any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that create blocks in your life that take form as illness, disease  or stuck emotional ways of being.

This work is done in an integral model that benefits the clients inner needs and desires.


Hypnosis is  a natural  state of mind where communication with the subconscious mind is facilitated.


Hypnotherapy is the application of universally accepted self-discovery techniques and self-empowerment methods (during a deeply relaxed  stated of mind) that free you of fear-based programming and assumed limitations. This provides for an ongoing experience of your natural state of health, joy, abundance and love.

Classes & Workshops

Classes and Workshops are offered in private sessions and also groups. Each session has a wide variety of tools and modalities. 




Trauma Release

Each Class is unique with a very  diverse tool set presented for each student. Some of the techniques offered are Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Asana and Mantras, Qi Gong and Chinese Meridian Therapy and Trauma Release Therapy


The Retreats Brian and his team offer are like no other experience in the world. You can expect powerful transformation through Yoga, meditation, somatic self work and Self Empowerment Training. The beautiful surroundings for each retreat hold the space for your Body, Mind and Soul to awaken to their fullest capabilities.

Lake Landscape
Lake Landscape
Red Bridge


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Our Story

The Light Empowered Wellness Journey

Light Empowered Wellness was founded in 2018 to provide Personal Wellness Empowerment services that support the Mind Body and Spiritual health of individuals. We offer a variety of therapies, classes and workshops to improve and help you maintain your optimal health. Whether you are experiencing a state of illness and disease or simply want to improve your mental and physical well being. Light Empowered Wellness provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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