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Brian Matzke

My Journey

I was raised in a little city called New Orleans that has the essence of soul and this soul touched my heart since birth. My father was a musician and an artist which I know was passed down to me. My father passed away when I was 3 years old. This was a blessing and a curse because at a very tender age I decided I must now take on the protector and savior roll in my family. I now know through my own healing journey that this belief was either passed on to me or I just accepted it as truth. My childhood was filled with a constant sense of play. I was the kind of child that always wanted to be outside moving. So I naturally played many sports and excelled with great skill.

When it came time for me to go to college I was blessed with a scholarship to play football and by way of good fortune I was able to get a university education. I only had one interest when it came to pick a Degree program and it was health. So I studied Health Promotion and Wellness, this fit everything I already knew of healthy living and the physical movement of the body. School was not an interest for me though, I preferred still playing outside. When my 5 years of playing football were finished I decided there were no good reasons for me continue my education. I took out my first loan and went off traveling the world. Little would I know that traveling would be the education I needed. This fire that was lit in me for the different places and people of the world began to burn.

I eventually found my way back to the U.S. and began classes to become an Emergency  Medical Technician. I really enjoyed studying the body and this also gave me a route to play savior again for others. I also enlisted in the Navy Reserve and became a Medical Corpsman. I got a job working as a Mental Health Tech at the Local University Hospital. I enjoyed studying and practicing Emergency Medicine and behavioral health. After working at the University Hospital for a couple years I began my journey into Yoga, which I had been introduced to at the very young age of 7 by going to Ashrams and Siddha Yoga Groups with my mother. I found another physical outlet in the extreme challenge yoga gave me. I also hadn't tapped into this physical challenge since my college football days. The strong interest I had in yoga and the inner peace I began to feel naturally  lead me to become a Yoga Teacher. I soon after began teaching and realized I was really good at this skill. I felt a natural art of creating yoga sequences and speaking in a melodic tone while sharing ancient teachings and techniques. I was tapping into my soul purpose.


Soon after I transferred in the Hospital to the Labor and Delivery Department and began working as a Surgical Technician. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a surgical team and seeing birth after birth come into this world. Then a couple years later I got hired into the Fire Department. This was my dream job, I worked 56 hour weeks and got to have 4 days off. I loved the adrenalin rush and helping people on their worst days of their lives. This job let me be in the medical world and be of service to others but it also gave me the team feeling I loved so much my whole life with playing sports. It wasn't until 13 years later that I realized what I once loved was a detriment to my Mental, Physical, and Spiritual well being. I was in my 13th year of service in a job that i found myself always wanting to be at the worst emergency calls possible. I was the guy that became a HazMat Technician and a Heavy Rescue Technician, to on one side keep myself challenged with new skills but at a core level I had to be the super hero or savior just like I decided to become at 3 yrs old.

My next challenge was Paramedic school, I went into it with full inspiration. The school was a expedited training given by the Fire Department and The local University. I was in the flow and school came naturally, especially after the last 15 years of Emergency Medicine. I began to notice the young firefighters in our training would come into class after a weekend where they had picked up overtime shifts and want to talk about all the bad  emergency calls they experienced on shift. I began to really dread hearing the traumas and I felt shell shocked and couldn't take it. I also realized how the last 4 or 5 years I was that way when I was out on the fire trucks in the field. I just didn't want to see the carnage and trauma anymore. I also realized how tired I was all the time, it was as if I was always on the verge of catching a cold.

I was now almost complete with my Paramedic program and a top student in the class. I had totally isolated myself  from most activities other than school and it began to show in my body. I began to have severe panic attacks and pain in my body. I also began to have severe  insomnia. This all gradually grew worse and worse and the fatigue I believe from the last 13 years of shift work and a constant state of fight or flight in my body finally came to a head.


I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Injury and with this diagnosis it gave me comfort in understanding my process, but also to not be a victim to a diagnosis.

I feel so fortunate to have gained so many tools along the way starting with Yoga and Meditation to help me as I began to heal.

Through my journey of healing I found only holistic and natural remedies and treatments . This was my saving grace. I also began to practice deep states of relaxation and imagery to help myself heal. I realized how strong my mind was and I used my minds power to help me heal my body. I decided that I would not let my experiences define me and as I did this I began to heal.

My tool box has been filled up along the way with Ancient Breath Work Techniques, Yoga postures for healing, Somatic Trauma release therapies and the power of  Hypnotherapy.


My journey through a decade of treating  and experiencing trauma and teaching mindfulness and meditation has given me a divine opportunity to show up as the therapist that I am. I have realized the strong emotional ties to beliefs that drive our life.  I have also experienced a deep state of physical and mental suffering which I came out the other side with a renewed sense of awareness for the suffering of others. My purpose as I move forward in life is to hold this new sense of peace and joyous presence for life and share it with the world


Brian's Trainings, Certifications & Diplomas

Breath of Life Method Creator

Breathwork Specialist

Tao Hands Practitioner

Healy Microcurrent Practitioner

Life Wave Distributor

CMS-CHt-  Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist 

FIBH- Fellow International Board of Hypnotherapy 

Yoga Teacher- Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative,  Meditation and Mindfulness

Somatic Trauma Release Therapy

New Earth Institute-Trauma Grief and Renewal

Life & Wellness Coach

Craniosacral Therapist

Auricular Detox Specialist

Emergency Medical Technician

New Mexico Highlands University- Health Promotion & Wellness

University Of New Mexico- Paramedicine