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A World of Anxiety

Have you had those mornings when you wake up and roll over to turn off your alarm and just after you do you begin checking your phone messages and emails? Well a high percentage of the world is doing this now and it sets them up for a day of reactiveness and anxiety. The physiology of our brain in the first few minutes we wake up and before we go to sleep are very important to our health and well being. That period of time just before you go to sleep and when you awaken your body is still in a deep trance or meditative space and our subconscious mind is very receptive in this state. So if we are looking at social media or emails what do you think is quite possibly being programed into our consciousness . Well I'll tell you, It's fear and anxiety! Then if you begin and end our day in this state it sets the stage for the rest of our day and our life. I"ll tell you why this is, Our subconscious mind stores our beliefs and influences our personality. So if you are programing it with fear and anxiety right when you awaken and before you go to sleep then this influences majorly your beliefs and personality.

How can we overcome this habit and set our mind and body up for health and success?

Well begin at the beginning. Before you go to bed at night put your phone on airplane mode and turn the blue light way down or to a black and white setting. This will help you sleep better because any use of blue light an hour before your go to sleep throws off your melatonin levels and your body thinks it is time to be awake. Also use low lighting an hour before you go to sleep, this will also help the body relax and let the melatonin do its job. If you can use incandescent lights instead of LED lights in your house at night time this helps big time too, because LED lights cause a stimulation of the nervous system. Taking a bath, reading a book or listening to calming music before bed can also be very relaxing. Then before you lay down if you have any positive affirmations or prayers read and say them out loud 10 to 20 times, this will help the subconscious easily absorb them. I also highly recommend listening to a meditation with positive affirmations or a healing self hypnosis recording, this is one of the best times you can listen to these and if you fall asleep while listening then even better because your subconscious mind absorbs these positive ideas and images and begins to create new positive beliefs and actions. When you awaken in the morning give yourself 15 minutes to 1 hour before you do any to do lists or social media on your phone. First thing in the morning is a great time for meditation and using positive affirmations and self hypnosis recordings because your mind is still in a very receptive state. If you begin to add some of these techniques to your evening and morning rituals you will notice very quickly how your state of health and well being shifts for the better. Cell phones have created a addictive behavior pattern in society, so don't expect it to change over night. Give yourself compassion and just start doing what you can little by little. It takes a conscious choice and awareness to make changes in our lives, but each journey began with a single step. Step with ease and grace and if it becomes a dance of one step forward and two steps back just keep dancing.

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