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Why as humans are we afraid of change?

When change happens our innate sense is to brace against change to keep ourselves safe. Early humans were accustomed to fight for their lives, which created a survival mode that became ingrained in our DNA. When change presents itself our old part of our brains tells us to find a way to get safe. This is the major reason human beings get stuck in careers, relationships, habits and beliefs. So I ask you how can we as humans embrace change? One thing we can do is go towards the uncomfortable in our life. Yoga speaks to this in finding comfort in an uncomfortable pose. The way we can embrace change is to recognize difficult situations in our life and go toward then rather than away. For example: Have the uncomfortable conversation that you are avoiding with another or try a new activity in your life that isn't your normal routine. The human reaction is toward pleasure and away from pain. The message that change is inevitable in life is a realization that will give you solace in the harder times. To get stuck on the idea that something must stay the same is to go against nature. What we do know is that nature always finds a way. So when the difficult times or situations come in our lives we stay flexible and trust in nature with the knowing that this too will change.

My experience in life has lead me to the knowing that life is always working for us rather than against us. If we can see the experiences and people in our life as teachers and vehicles to help us change we will walk in a deeper space of presence and acceptance. Find your pains and fears and go towards then so that they may be dissolved and in their place you will find more strength and awareness to guide you on your path of life.

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